I am Sophia 

Yogi Practitioner and Life Coach 

In a few years only, my next big milestone is 50 years old!

Has every chapter in my life been a page turner? For sure, life’s been a rollercoaster- suspended between traditions, raw and joyous, abundant and fragile, dark and vibrant.


I started my career in investment banking before choosing to be a full time mum of 3. With all my good will in either stride of life, I often felt stressed, exhausted, burnt-out quite frankly and life seemed to pass me by!

Once it was about time I embraced life rather than constantly feel it topple me over. I didn't know then what I wanted but  what instantly became clear was what I needed to let go of. Introspection and self-development became my greatest desire.

The journey was bumpy and challenging of course, but one of many wonders. I gained in strength physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically and spiritually.

It takes a lot of courage to turn inwards and give oneself the permission to blossom.  Along the way, I  met some very interesting and supportive people ; I also discovered the practices of Yoga and meditation. Clearly I am not perfect but I feel alive and I now I have tools to help me navigate through life’s complex challenges with serenity and ease.

My Work


I am British Wheel of Yoga teacher and a Life Coach.

I studied at Triyoga London under the guidance of renowned teachers Jean Hall and Mimi Kuo Deemer. I have also worked and been inspired by other amazing teachers- Donna Fahri, Max Strom, Anna Ashby, Charlotta Martinus, Jyoti Manuel and Ayala Homossany...
My teaching is fuelled by my daily meditation practice as well as my continuous interest in the anatomical body, neuroscience developments and the philosophy of scriptural texts.

My extensive trainings and the many steps on my own recovery journey have given me the tools and insights into the subtleties of overcoming many harming and unproductive habits. I use a simple and safe methodology to support the client take one step at a time towards a happy, healthy and thriving way of living.
I love to inspire others and be their steady companion throughout their journey.

I am full of enthusiasm and confident everyone can make it, so can you!

Please be in touch and let’s get started!


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