About Me

Happy and Well Inside-Out

I was as stiff as a stick when I started Yoga! Flexibility was no prerequisite so I was ok.

I started my career in investment banking before chosing to be a fulltime mum of 3. With all my good will in either stride of life, I often felt stressed, exhausted, burnt-out quite frankly and life seemed to pass me by!

Clearly Yoga has not made me perfect and I am not as bendy as a professional gymnast or ballet dancer but it has been a great tool to help me navigate through life’s complex challenges. It has been my companion ever since I took my first lesson.

Over time I learnt about my body and what triggers me. The way I practice is an invitation to breathe, give myself some space to rest, keep my mind and body in balance, reenergize and rejuvenate! I am physically stronger and emotionally more centred while my life is still busy! I definitely feel a lot happier, healthier, more confident, open and accepting of who I am. Also, my life and my relationships with others are richer, fuller and deeper.


About My Practice

A Life of Inner Balance

I am British Wheel of Yoga registered teacher.
I studied 2 years at Triyoga London under the guidance of renowned teachers Jean Hall and Mimi Kuo Deemer.
I have also worked and been inspired by other amazing teachers- Donna Fahri, Max Strom, Anna Ashby, Charlotta Martinus, Jyoti Manuel and Ayala Homossany...
My teaching ties in with all the richness of my experiences. It is also fuelled by my daily meditation practice as well as my continuous interest in the anatomical body and the philosophy of scriptural texts.
I love to teach and be able to inspire others. It gives me great pleasure to share what I love with as many people as possible, adults, teens, kids...
I have a very deep sensitive nature which carries through in class. I am an attentive thoughtful teacher who includes everyone. Yoga is for everyBody.
My teaching is clear and accessible with an emphasis on safe alignment.
Join me on the mat to experience the beauty and great effect of Yoga!



Thames Ditton, UK

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