The Guilt-Free Art of Chilling...

Once a month Restorative Yoga




@ The Iso Barre Studio 29a High St, Thames Ditton KT7 0SD

Men and Women Welcome. All levels of Fitness Welcome

£15 Book Online- NO DROP IN

All props provided on site

Propped up expertedly, begin to tune into your breath, unwind, deeply relax and gradually allow yourself to let go of all stress and tensions- apparent, insidious, mental and physical.

This is a different practice, an alternative approach to Yoga asanas.

You give yourself the time and space to slow down and reset your buttons.

Such a practice helps develop a profound and long lasting sense of inner peace and calm throughout the entire body, mind and nervous system; you actually slow down your heart rate and retrain your brain to switch from a "flight or fight" survival mechanism to a "rest and digest" regulatory mode. Restore gently yet leave feeling refreshed and energized. It is quite therapeutic and healing.

Try it, you will totally love it!

Extract from 'The Curly Pyjama Letters' by Michael Leunig:
"Dear Vasco, What is worth doing and what is worth having? I would like to say simply this. It is worth doing nothing and having a rest; in spite of all the difficulty it may cause you must rest Vasco –otherwise you will become restless...When you are tired you must act upon it sensibly – you must rest like the trees and animals do. Yet tiredness has become a matter of shame! This is a dangerous development. Tiredness has become the most suppressed feeling in the world. Everywhere we see people overcoming their exhaustion and pushing on with intensity.. and being congratulated for overcoming it and pushing it deep down inside themselves as if it were a virtue to do this. And of course Vasco, you know what happens when such strong and natural feelings are denied—they turn into the most powerful and bitter poisons with dreadful consequences...So I gently urge you Vasco, do as we do in Curly Flat—learn to curl up and rest—feel your noble tiredness—learn about it and make a generous place for it in your life and enjoyment will surely follow. I repeat it’s worth doing nothing and having a rest. Yours Sleepily, Mr. Curly"

Join me to do just that- Pause and allow yourself to be in the most restful way and recharge to face it all again from a better place.



Thames Ditton, UK

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