Special Yoga with Kids & Teens


Honour EveryBody and Redefine Possible

We are all unique- True.

We each have our strengths and limits- True.

We each have a soul and a heart to love and be loved- True.

Now let’s imagine we could cast away all our preconceptions about who we meet- no categorisation, no fixed ideas, no expectations and no labelling but a natural soul to soul, heart to heart encounter. That experience would be quite freeing in itself and relationships would be deeper and richer.

Our body is our vehicle to experience the world; it comes in all shapes and sizes and how we are given to experience the world is unique to each and every one of us.

Yoga is for everyone to access some self-awareness past the body and mind limitations, immerse oneself in the heart, and find spaciousness, lightness and peacefulness from within.

I see all children as special and I meet them with kindness, patience and love.

I trained with Jyoti Manuel at Special Yoga

 a training centre of excellence and joined her team of practitioners

I am also a mentor on many of Special Yoga flagship courses

 SYSC Foundation Course, SYSC1 and SYSC2

I share Yoga with children and teens with autism, ADD/ADHD, Dyspraxia, Downs Syndrome and with complex needs and physical challenges.

I explore with them and their families how to embrace their potential by celebrating who they are and by providing a sustainable Yoga practice for self-regulation, balance and wellbeing.

It is a real privilege for me to run those sessions.

Schools/children centres where I have shared the practice of Yoga:

* Manor School, London NW10 3NT

* SPA School, London SE1 5RN

* Hornsey Road Children Centre, London N7 7EN

* Snowflake School, London SW5 9SJ

* Meath School, Brox Rd, Chertsey KT16 0LF

* Shooting Star Children's Hospice, Hampton TW12 3RA

I run private sessions in the comfort of the children's home or online 

I love to give back and can get involved in volunteering programs with charities or private initiatives

Please be in touch to discuss the possibility of working together.

+33- 628618297


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