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TeenYoga Class 13years+

Feel Healthier and Happier, more Resilient, Confident and Empowered

To both Parents and Teenagers: Seek to Embrace rather than Endure Adolescence.

Teens Years= Vitality, Vibrancy, Exciting times and Conflicts!

It is important to acknowledge the challenges of the teens years and the rise of mental health issues among them.

All stress will affect their digestive, lymphatic, cardiac, pulmonary and neuromuscular systems; these strains will be stored in their bodies and what they will go through will shape their brain.

However the brain continuously changes and all that can shift with a regular practice.

Yoga is a multifaceted approach exploring the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

It can help them through what they need at a time when they look outside for sources of comfort.

  • A safe space.

  • A safe guided introspection (they can check-in with themselves and cultivate a sense of connection to the mind, body and their emotions)

  • Non competitive

  • All are included and welcome

  • Physical and breathing practices including meditation tailored to them


It is not rocket science, the benefits are colossal:

  • Develop an awareness of the body and how it is changing (soothe menstrual pains, prevent sports injuries)

  • Improve posture and flexibility, strengthen the muscles, increase bone density

  • Sleep better which is key to their development (energy)

  • Unhook from stress cycle and anxiety by learning to activate skilfully the parasympathetic system (the relaxation syst.)

  • Offer the concept of letting go and patience

  • Drop cortisol level (basic to allow body repair)

  • Support a healthy hormonal balance with the practice of asanas

  • Release of energy in a positive way

  • Be part of a group

  • Feel grounded, present, self-aware and more balanced

  • Better focused and open to their learning

Yoga is a tool box for life. I will offer them skills to build and trust their own inner compass in this journey towards independence.

Let’s empower our teens to stand up for themselves; grow physically and emotionally while becoming literate about themselves.

It is both preventive and therapeutic.

I share(d) Yoga with Teenagers and Young People @

- Notre Dame School Convent Ln, Cobham KT11 1HA

-Salesians School, Guildford Rd, Chertsey KT16 9LU

- Tolworth Girls' School, Fullers Way N, Surbiton KT6 7LQ

- Malden Oaks Pupil Referral Unit, The Dukes Centre, Dukes Ave, Kingston upon Thames KT2 5QY

- The Royal Alexandra & Albert School, Gatton Park Rd, Reigate RH2 0TD

I also offer private sessions of 45-60mins with teenagers and run workshops with teachers/school staff (Wellbeing Day).


+33- 628618297


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