"The beauty you see in me is a reflection of you"- RUMI



"I love your class and approach to the practice. It's hugely beneficial and something I would love to make time for in my life"- Claudine

"Yoga with Sophia is unlike any I have tried before. She is fabulous at working with where both your mind and body are at in any session. Once, when both mind and body said "No", she switched tac mid session and in doing so kept our hearts in the process. As a result, Yoga isn't something I feel I should do, but something I absolutely love to do"-  Paul

"Sophia came highly recommended to me by colleagues who knew of her work in local primary and secondary schools.

She has proved to be an inspirational, gentle and holistic yoga teacher who focuses on meeting the needs of all students in a highly intuitive, engaging and professional manner. Sophia has taught students how to manage stress, how to reflect on change and how to manage their emotions through carefully structured activities, which she calibrates each lesson so that she meets the needs of students in each group. Students respond well to her intelligent, reflective style, which promotes both psychological as well as physical wellbeing. Sophia is careful to alternate the activities, which can involve reflective thinking/discussion, reading short extracts from philosophical texts, physical exercise and relaxation exercises.

I feel very privileged to be able to take part in the yoga lessons and often use the ideas I have learned in my own discussions with students. I cannot recommend Sophia highly enough. I am certain that your students (and staff) will benefit enormously from inviting her into your school"-  Meena Murria, English Subject Co-ordinator @ Malden Oaks Pupil Referral Unit

"Dear Sophia, I have had an amazing experience and would like to thank you for inspiration and helping me start a journey of a new way of life! Lots of Love" - Sharron

"Sophia, Thank you for guiding me on this journey towards peacefulness in my body and mind! Love" - Brigita

"Namaste Sophia for making my soul happy "- Claudia


"I decided I was curious enough to fly solo for a couple of weeks. This is possible because of your wonderful coaching. 

With gratitude and warm wishes"- Alison 

Dear Sophia,

"Thank you so much for the great sessions. I have really enjoyed the time we spent together at the sessions. 

I have gained lots of benefits and I now know some techniques to help me through the way"-  Reham

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